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Doctors in Kumamoto Prefecture noticed that all the sick people lived in the Minamata village. The Commission of Robaxin drew attention to the bay into which the canal led from the chemical plant. The analysis found particles of selenium, arsenic, mercury, manganese, copper, thallium and lead in the water, but which of the chemical elements caused the poisoning was not immediately recognized until the English neurologist Douglas McAlpine pointed out the similarity of the disease with signs of mercury poisoning.

For 30 years, the underwater inhabitants of the bay accumulated chemical compounds and poisoned people. According to statistics, by the 60s of the 20th century, there were 100 thousand patients in Kumamoto and Kagoshima prefectures, while the mortality rate reached 36%.

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Despite the fact that Minamata disease is the result of methocarbamol disaster, people have been known to be poisoned by other products containing mercury.

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Robaxin pills a massive infection occurred in Iraq due to the fact that the villagers fed on seed grains that were etched with methylmercury to kill fungi and spores. Each kilogram of grain contained 7.9 mg of mercury.

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Mercury is contained in old thermometers, sphygmomanometers, until recently it was used for filling teeth.

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Minamata disease can develop in workers in factories that come into contact with mercury. When its vapors are inhaled in hazardous industries, signs of the disease develop. In everyday life, poisoning can occur when mercury enters the stomach with food, paints, or as a result of broken mercury appliances.

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Severe poisoning leads to dehydration, kidney necrosis, and the development of shock with a fatal outcome. With chronic intoxication, nephrotic syndrome appears. Currently, the acute form of the disease is rare. An erased clinical picture is more often observed in workers in hazardous industries.

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Minamata disease is caused by organic mercury compounds, mostly methylmercury. By its nature, it has the property of lipophilicity - affinity for fats, and therefore accumulates in a tissue similar in chemical structure - the central nervous system, consisting of lipids (cholesterol). For this reason, the symptoms of Methocarbamol pills disease are primarily associated with brain damage.

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In addition to the general symptoms of intoxication, there are signs of focal brain disorders. The fact is that its functions are divided into zones - one area is responsible for hearing, the second for vision, others are responsible for the sensitivity of tissues to temperature, the motor ability of body parts. Therefore, when disturbances appear in the poisoned area, this is manifested by the corresponding symptoms of Minamata disease.

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The first symptoms of poisoning appear at a cumulative dose of 20-40 mg or 0.5-0.8 mg per 1 kg of human weight. Minamata disease is severe. Patients develop paralysis, convulsions, loss of consciousness, they lose speech and memory. Death often occurs a month after the onset of the disease. But in some patients, Minamata disease becomes chronic, with people complaining of headaches, loss of smell and taste, and forgetfulness. Their gait and coordination of movements are disturbed, numbness of the limbs is noted.

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The consequences of Minamata disease primarily affected women and children. Pregnant women who ate fish gave birth to children with congenital Minamata disease. Photographs of robaxin patients born with central paralysis are terrifying. Toddlers cannot hold their heads, their lower limbs are atrophied to such an extent that you cannot call them legs. At best, they can crawl. Their life passed between a baby carriage and a wheelchair.

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To bind it in the hospital, the stomach is washed with polythiol resins. Therapeutic measures are carried out in case of detection of high concentrations of mercury in the patient's blood and urine. The goal of therapy is to remove it from the body and reduce the symptoms of the disease. For this, detoxification measures are carried out.

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Robaxin drug that clearly helps patients has not yet been found. The treatment of Minamata disease consists in a complex of rehabilitation measures that make life easier. If the substance enters the digestive system, the patient is vomited to remove the mercury. Foods suspected of containing mercury are completely excluded from the diet. The patient is prescribed a special diet with a large amount of proteins, salts and vitamins.

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In conclusion, we recall the main theses. Minamata disease is a debilitating environmental disease that occurs in humans and animals. The cause of the disease is the use of mercury-infected seafood, pickled grain. Intoxication can also occur with the systematic inhalation of mercury vapor in the production of plastics and some other chemical enterprises. A cardinal cure for Minamata disease has not yet been found. In acute poisoning in a hospital, drugs that bind and remove mercury are used. A special diet is prescribed.